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It will be necessary the creation of a Virtual Machine(VM) to use OldBot(necessary only on real Tibia), that is why the PC needs a minimum hardware with the requirements below to run.


  1. At least 4 GB of RAM memory;
  2. Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 - 64 bit only and can not be Home Edition;
  3. Processor with at least 2.0 ghz of speed.
  4. Processor with virtualization feature and be enabled for the creation of the virtual machine - more informations on this link.
  5. Disable any antivirus on your computer - the Windows Defender is disabled automatically by the bot.


  1. It is not possible to use the computer while you use the bot, the bot will be occupying your computer controling the mouse and keyboard, the maximum you can do is watch a video, movie, etc(if you have more than one monitor);
  2. You can not use the same OldBot account in more than one PC at the same time, you can login with the same account in different PCs whenever you want, but not at the same time.
  3. The bot walks through minimap clicks, that is, you can be trapped with fire fields, parcels, boxes, etc;
  4. It will be needed to reboot the computer everytime you login on Tibia in the main PC after you have opened the bot, or BattlEye may detect(because some functions of the bot keep running in background even when closed);
  5. The bot may not work correctly if you play with high ping (500ms or more).
  6. The bot will not work on the following OTs: Pokémon(PXG/OTP), DBLOts(Dragon Ball), Archlight Online;
  7. The Tibia client will be opened inside the virtual machine, due to this, depending of your processor Tibia can be with low FPS inside the VM.


After acquiring a month, you have the right to test OldBot for 5 days, if for some reason you can not use the bot or there is some systemic incompatibility during the 5 days, just send a message and the money will be refund. For security reasons, we reserve the rights to refuse/revoke/cancel anybody's licence at any time, but don't worry, it can happen only in specific cases.
It is not possible to test OldBot without acquiring a license, please do not insist.


The OldBot monthly(30 days) fee costs 250 Tibia Coins or $9 and the payment is made via Paypal - there is no way to acquire less or more days. After the acquisition, will be sent a video link explaining the step-by-step of how to create and configure the virtual machine(VM), how to use OldBot and the inicial steps with ALL the needed informations.
PS: the creation of the VM is necessary only to use on Real Tibia, in case you will use on OTs, this step can be ignored.

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Contact us via Facebook and inform the email of your created OldBot Account, to create an accountclick here.


The download link will be sent only after the payment, with other links with videos and more detailed informations.