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recent version old version do not have

OldBot NG

Ideal to use on Real Tibia and also on any OT server of any version (from 7 to 12).

Oldbot Taleon Bot

Project discontinued, use the OldBot NG.


$11 325TC


Last version v5.3.0 v5.2.9 (old)
PCs per license 1 1
Undetectable to BattlEye
Compatible clients Tibia 12 and all clients(7~12+) Tibia 12/11/10 only
Support Priority support Non-priority support
New updates Constant new updates Updates for fixes only
WhatsApp group
Portuguese/English translations
New advanced interface
Functions and features
Auto eat food
Auto equip items(refill)

ammunition, rings, amulets, soft boots...

Auto fishing
Auto reconnect

even on server save

Auto renew spells

utamo vita, utani hur, utito tempo...

Gaming Mode/Hotkeys

walk with WASD, loot around, drop item and move item to BP with hotkeys...

Life/Mana healer

equip ring/amulet with low life

Mana trainer
Cavebot speed Fast Slow
100% automatic settings
Walk over fire fields, parcels, items... (anti-trap)
Create, load and share scripts
Full AFK scripts
Luring mode scripts
Exit game if trapped(+ screenshot)
Play alarm if trapped
Special Actions

advanced actions to perform any type of task through the Cavebot scripts

All Special Actions Limited Special Actions
Screenshot on death
Targeting speed Fast Slow
Attack monsters casting multiple spells/runes(with combo/rotation)
Alarm/exit game with unlisted target(player on screen)
Combat/attack modes for each monster

follow attack, stand, offensive, defensive...

Define attack priority of each monster
Ignore target after X seconds
Equip ring/amulet before attacking the monster
Distance attack mode(Mage/RP)
Keep diagonal from monster
Spells/runes with condition of monster count
Spells/runes with condition of mana to cast
Stop attack based on monster life

used to train with monsters

Train online with dummy(train weapons)
Train online with monsters/players
Play alarm before attacking a specific monster
Drop trash from BP
Option to not loot specific monsters
Loot only with valuable loot Under maintenance
Skip empty loot Under maintenance
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