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NvSoWhat is a script in OldBot?
When we hear the word "Script", we usually think of some file of some programming language, with some extension like .lua, .xml, among others, but in OldBot this is completely different.

Because it works entirely by searching and analyzing pixels and images on the screen, an OldBot "Script" basically consists of a folder inside the "Cavebot" directory, which has Cavebot, Targeting, and Looting settings. These "settings" include more folders, images, .ini files (with parameters and written settings) as well as photos of waypoints, items, bodies and so on.
Bottom line: It's a folder with more folders, images (.png) and text files (.ini).

As in the screenshot below, each folder inside the Cavebot folder represents a script, we can see in the screenshot below the standard scripts that comes with OldBot when you download it, let's get into the most popular script, Venore Swamp Trolls.

[Imagem: XfTHWnY.png]
Inside a script folder

I will cover each photo number below the content of a script as a topic.

[Imagem: rEc5urQ.png]
1. "Depositer" folder
    This folder contains images of items that will be used by Depositer's Special Action, items inside this folder will be deposited (dragged) in the depot.

2. "Looter" Folder
    This folder contains all the images and information belonging to the Looter, such as images of the garbage to be dropped, valuable items, and an .ini file with trash loot parameters.

3. "Monsters" folder
    This folder contains images of the monsters registered in Targeting, as well as another folder called "Body", where the body image of the dead monsters is stored (to use items in the body, eg obsidian knife).

4. "Script Info" Folder
    This folder contains images of the script information, which are entered in the Script Info button on the Cavebot screen. Here is the image defined as "Where to start" from the player screen and also from Minimap, as well as having up to 18 images that are additionally registered in the "More Images" button, inside the Script Info area in Cavebot.
[Imagem: Ey2JBMx.png]
5. "Special Actions" Folder
     All images used by Cavebot Special Actions, such as condition images, buy / sell item, and more are stored in this folder.

6. "informations.txt" File
     This file saves the script information that is set in the Script Info button on the Cavebot screen.
[Imagem: 39uEksP.png]
[quote pid='11' dateline='1553211069']
7. "targeting.ini"
    File This file saves all Targeting information and settings , such as spells, battle settings, etc. of each monster. 

8. "waypoints.ini"
    file This file saves all Cavebot waypoint information and settings , such as the action of each waypoint, zoomed in script, etc. 

9. Waypoint Images
    Cavebot moves and performs actions such as walking, climbing stairs, etc. through small Minimap photos these images are captured with the help of the Cavebot interface and are 20x20px in size. 

How to share a script? 
To share a script (send from one PC to another, to your friend, etc.), you will need to copy the entire script folder and paste it into the Cavebot folder (image below), the easiest way is to compress it into a .rar file to extract it later, after that, when loading the script into Cavebot, all Waypoints, Special Actions settings (including all saved images - except global images), Targeting (including spells and other settings), Looting (including trash loot and other settings) will also be loaded.
[Imagem: wKCvKxb.png]

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